Elastomeric Line Shaft Bearings

S.S Rubber is manufacturer of Elastomeric bearings like cutless rubber bearings and lineshaft bearings/ alloy bearings

Cutless rubber Bearings

S S Rubbers manufacture cutless rubber bearings lined with rubber and outside shell is with Brass / Bronze / ss and our bearings are resist to high damping and effective noise with abrasion.

We are supplying these cutless rubber bearings to heavy duty pumps in power generation plants,Boats,Ships,Irrigation and Indian Navy.These are type tested and certified.

Dry-Run Shaft Bearings / Alloy Bearings / Line Shaft Bearings

S.S Rubber manufacture line shaft Bearings with and without outside shell, our bearings are made with specialised elastomeric alloy and it is self-lubricated and will run in dry start condition and resisted to high abrasion , high damping and dimensionally stable which protects the equipment. We are supplying to heavy duty pumps for Power Generation Plants,Irrigation,Boats, Ships and naval applications. These are type tested and certified.

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